Charles Y. Kim

Birthday: August 19th

Religion: Christian 

Country of Birth: U.S.A.

Family Members: mom, dad, older sister

Hobbies: rock and ice climbing, golf, mountain biking and snowboarding

Favorite Colors: yellow, black

Favorite TV Shows: 24, ER

Favorite Movies: Beautiful Minds, Scar Face

Favorite Celebrities: Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan

Favorite Character: Homer Simpson

Favorite Sports: football, golf

Favorite Foods: Mexican and Italian


Judy J. Kim

Birthday: July 15th

Religion: Christian 

Country of Birth: South Korea 

Family Members: mom, dad, younger brother & sister

Hobbies: watching movies, playing computer, taking pictures, cooking, shopping

Favorite Colors: baby blue, white

Favorite TV Shows: reality shows, 24

Favorite Movies: Cold Mountain, Finding Nemo

Favorite Celebrities: Josh Groban

Favorite Character: Hellokitty

Favorite Sports: Ski

Favorite Foods: Italian and Korean (spicy)


was born and raised in Northern Virginia. He is very athletic and he loves sports. He played football since he was in middle school and he started climbing rocks for about seven years now. He works at a rock climbing gym as a instructor on the weekends besides his full time job. He often does adventure races and he says he pays for pain. =)

Judy was born and raised in South Korea till age of 18 then moved here with her family. She's not really athletic but  Chuck wants her to become a "mountain mama" so we could go climbing Himalaya Mountain together. She doesn't think that's going to happen as long as she lives. ;-) 

We met in the summer of 2000 through our friends. We dated for about two years and we got married in 2002. 









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