Keep training sessions short 5 to 10 minutes and several times per day is most beneficial. 


This command should be introduced as early as seven weeks and should be the first thing you teach your puppy. 
Tell your puppy to "Come" when you feed your puppy.

  • With your puppy sitting a few feet away from you on the leash, call him/her in your high-pitched, happy voice, using your his/her name and the command "Come." 
  • Tug your puppy gently. Give your puppy a reason to want to come to you! Squat down with your arms wide open to make a nice target for him/her.


  • Hold a treat just over your puppy's forehead as you say "Sit."
  • Move the treat above your puppy's head toward his/her back as he/she falls into a sitting position.
  • Praise him/her and offer the treat as an extra reward.


  • With your puppy sitting at your left, hold the leash in your left hand , tell him/her "Sit.” 
  • When he/she is seated, say “Stay,” as you swing your right hand in front of his/her face. 
  • If he/she moves, gently remind him/her to sit and repeat "stay" command. 
  • When he/she will stay for just a few seconds, praise with “Good stay!” and call him/her to you happily. 
  • Don’t try to make him stay for more than a few seconds at first then gradually increase the time and distance away from your puppy. 


  • Start with puppy in sitting position, then say the command, "Down." Help him/her into position by offering a treat.
  • Move the treat down to the ground between his/her front feet near his/her chest, then toward you while you say "Down." the puppy's nose will follow the treat.
  • Praise him/her when he/she is all the way down and offer the treat as a reward.


  • When your puppy at your left, get his/her attention and step forward with your left foot. If he/she doesn't move, pop the leash quickly and say his/her name. Pat your leg to show him/her where you want him/her to be.
  • Take a few steps with him/her at your side and praise him/her. As you walk along, continue to urge him to walk at your left side, with his neck and shoulder aligned with your left leg. 
  • Every time your stop, have him/her "Sit." Eventually this will become automatic.